Monkey Go Happy Games

Monkey Go Happy Games - Monkeying around  with puzzles has never been this fun

If you ever have trouble visiting the zoo because your heart breaks every time you see an animal in captivity looking bored or sad, then Monkey Go Happy may be difficult for you to get into as a gaming series. Not because of any animal cruelty involved within them. In fact, the situation is far from cruel: Monkey Go Happy is a series of point-and-click puzzle games that require you to solve a variety of quirky and unusual puzzles in order to stop various monkeys from crying. Exactly why the monkeys are so upset it is unclear, but it's probably got something to do with how passionate they must be about puzzles being unsolved and a little to do with how badly they want you to solve them. There's only one thing for it: get involved with these unique point-and-click puzzle games so that not one more monkey has to sit there with his lip quivering for a second longer than is necessary. Here is our pick of five of the best games in the series.

Monkey Go Happy 6

The sixth, and for now the latest game in the main Monkey Go Happy series is Monkey Go Happy 6. This main series is what the other spin-offs and off-shoots are modelled on, and they are arguably the most fun to play of all of the games. Things have come a long way since the single-monkey setup of the original Monkey Go Happy Game: now there are multiple monkeys of different kind to choose from various accessories like different hats to make your monkeys wear throughout, and more puzzles of increasingly eccentric nature than ever before.

The format remains the same no matter what Monkey Go Happy game you're playing: you must use the mouse to click on various items on the screen, solving the apparent problems that lay there. Some problems aren't so obvious and require a little bit of thinking, putting the pieces together, and some mild detective work using the mouse to hover over things until the cursor changes to indicate that there is an object you can click on and use in some way. You're not solving puzzles for the sake of it though, but rather to stop whichever monkey you chose in the beginning from crying his eyes out. Each level starts with your chosen monkey on the verge of tears at the prospect of the puzzle on screen not being solved, so you must solve it as the time counts down to make him or her happy again. The quicker you solve the puzzle, the more points you get, and that's really all there is to it.

This sixth instalment is definitely the best in the main series. It has more monkey hats/accessories than ever before, more monkeys to choose from, and fifteen stages with an additional one to unlock.  The design and gameplay haven't really changed since this game's predecessors, but it's not a broken idea and it doesn't need fixing.

Monkey Go Happy Christmas

There's always at least one obligatory Christmas special with any successful series, and Monkey Go Happy Christmas is Pencil Kids' answer to the most festive of all questions. Expecting a major break from the usual point-and-click gameplay that typifies this series? Well you shouldn't, because it wouldn't be Monkey Go Happy without this format, so prepare for more of the same only a little more festive and some new puzzles to try out.

You've got six characters and six hats to choose from before you start, after which you are launched into familiarity (that is if you have played these games before, anyhow). The usual procedure then follows of solving the puzzles through clicking on active objects on the screen, picking them up, and working out how to use them. This Christmas edition sees you collect various things such as ornaments and tiny presents to give to the tiny monkeys along the way, eventually restoring joy to Christmas and lighting the way for Santa. In all, a pleasantly festive (if a tad too short) game of Monkey Go Happy.

Monkey Go Happy Elevators 2

Introducing an elevator element into the Monkey Go Happy series wasn't just a random inclusion to try and stretch the series a little further. On the contrary, the elevators element actually allows for a slightly different approach to the structure of the point-and-click puzzles, allowing for segue from one to the next in a speedy fashion and with some explanation as to why. Monkey Go Happy Elevators 2 of course in the same format as the rest of the games, but this time you must solve a puzzle each time the elevator opens its doors, with the ultimate goal of finding all of the toys.

In fact, the elevator format gives the game an extra dimension of challenge because you are presented with a puzzle that extends over multiple floors, starting with two and then moving up to three or more as you solve each stage. This is probably one of the most entertaining of the Monkey Go Happy games, and all because of the elevator format which gives it a whole new dimension of interest.

Monkey Go Happy: The Castle

Taking another subtle trip away from the main format of Monkey Go Happy is Monkey Go Happy: The Castle. This game is similar to the Christmas edition since the whole game is in one stage as opposed to split into multiple stages. You've got a wide variety of puzzles to solve here as well, and all the while collecting the 15 gargoyle monkeys that have been created by some crazy professor man.

Starting off outside the castle with a boat chained to a post, you must release the boat and make your way to the castle to unravel its mysteries and find all of the gargoyle ghosts. This is essentially the same Monkey Go Happy we all know and love only with a slightly longer format that takes the form of a medium-sized adventure.

Monkey Go Happy: Mini Monkeys 3

As it may be frightfully easy to guess, Monkey Go Happy Mini Monkeys 3 involves the same sort of point-and-click action as its other brothers and sister series, only this time there's miniature monkeys involved as well. Five monkeys are on offer to choose from, as well as twelve different hats to customise them with. After you've chosen your monkey, it's pretty much the same procedure as usual: solving various puzzles along the way whilst collecting these lost mini-monkeys. The miniature monkeys definitely add to the cute factor, but don't expect any changes apart from the size some of the monkeys you're dealing with. This certainly isn't as comprehensive as some more epic point and click games such as The Several Journeys of Reemus, but this game is fun for a little bit of casual puzzle-solving and cuteness, all wrapped up in one monkey-shaped bundle.