Music Catch 2 Game

Music Catch 2 - A perfect sequel to an original that pretty much exists for the phrase "a flash-based hug for the soul" to be used in reference to it.

Picture This

Darkness abounds. Dulcet tones begin to wash over your aural appendages as audible perfection starts ringing through the air. Shapes of various colour and form begin to dance with a grace that should be alien to anyone but the most skilled of ballet dancers, let alone mere visual manifestations of electrical impulses running through your computer monitor. You don't know why the music so beautiful but it doesn't matter as your attention drifts from audible perfection to visual magnificence. Shapes of green, yellow, red, occasionally purple wax and wane with the acoustic tide of major and minor chords lapping at your ears and causing an emotional tsunami to wash over what many perceive to be a soul. Sound and light are entwined in what feels like the last dance before the end of the world. Before you can begin to appreciate another second of this decadent beauty, a red shape emerges menacingly from the screen, and before you know it, your score is at zero. This is Music Catch 2, a game that exemplifies everything that a sequel should be.

Past and Present

Ok, so the above scenario won't be very evocative of any kind of emotion or memory pertaining to the game for those that haven't experienced it before, but to those people, I say shame on you. Music Catch 2 is a sequel to a game that made waves a good number of years ago by offering players the chance to relax to the near-max (it was nearing 0 Kelvin in terms of level of chill) whilst enjoying a bit of mouse-based gameplay that required some fast reactions and some controlled hand movements.

Music Catch 2's gameplay is identical to the original Music Catch, only with a few tweaks in all the right places. The goal is still to try and make your cursor (and by extension your multiplier) grow by collecting the yellow shapes, your score grow by collecting the yellow shapes, and your overall progress intact by avoiding the red shapes. Yellow shapes add to your multiplier by one point each time and green shapes add to your overall score which is recorded at the end; red shapes should be avoided as they slash your multiplier and make your cursor shrink.

Improving on Nonexistent Imperfections

What makes Reflexive Arcade's Music Catch series so uniquely calming is the behaviour of the shapes themselves as they emanate from specified parts of the screen in time with the music, their size and movement changing very subtly with the volume and the tempo of the piano music in the background. The music is in itself captivating, all being original pieces by the hidden genius behind the soundtrack to this wonderful game. There are four pieces of music to choose from in the game, with three being locked at the start so that you can work your way to obtaining them through skilful playing of the game.

Improvements from the original Music Catch aren't limited to just the addition of new piano pieces either. You've got four additional shapes to unlock including sky-themed and floral shapes; different movement patterns allow you to test your reactions against less predictable shape appearances; even the different direction which the shapes come from can be selected, though it is always dynamic and slowly changing throughout the course of the levels anyway. There's even a new flashing shape which has the effect of causing a quick flourish of yellow pieces, though these multicoloured shapes are particularly rare to come across. General improvements in the graphics can also be seen with the shapes being much smoother, the physics feeling much more natural, and the design being that much more polished and rounded than its predecessor.

Tremendous Tranquillity

In all, you will struggle to find a more original and impressive music reactions game than Music Catch 2. The game has improved substantially since the release of its predecessor, offering much more choice and content in terms of customising the experience and simply having more things to unlock and explore. Though the levels aren't particularly difficult (you can unlock different options even if you perform in a mediocre fashion) you'll find that the game is more about having a gentle challenge whilst relaxing rather than getting involved with any hectic gameplay. There's even an iPhone Music Catch for those that don't spend much time in front of their computer. For a more frantic musical experience, you're better off playing the eccentric Santa Rockstar Metal Xmas 5 and other such rhythm games; Music Catch 2 is of a different class than these, and it's one that allows you to unwind and forget about the world, even if just for five wonderful minutes.

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