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Music Catch

Music Catch game

Some say that music is the universal language, and it's pretty difficult to argue with that statement when you come across a game like Music Catch. There's no limit or restriction on who can enjoy such a wonderful game that asks of you only the favour of collecting various shapes and avoiding others as they spray out from a slowly-moving, dare I say undulating surface using only the cursor. The highlight of the game's beauty is of course the wonderfully calm piano piece that plays 'neath the whole experience, though you can pop your own MP3s in there if you like as well. Prepare to be challenged in the calmest way imaginable.

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Music Catch 2

Music Catch 2 game

It doesn't matter what the question is, music is the answer, and it almost always will be. This is particularly true if the question is "what should we add to this flash game to make things 100x better?".  Speaking of perfect answers to very specific questions, "Music Catch 2" just so happens to be the only answer to the question "what is the only thing in the world that is better than Music Catch at what Music Catch manages to do?".  With so many questions being fired in your direction, it would probably just be easier to avoid this miniature Spanish inquisition and check out Music Catch 2, a supremely soothing mouse-based skill game from Reflexive.

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